NAICCO Cuisine


It’s time to start getting ready for the arrival of NAICCO Cuisine!


What is NAICCO Cuisine? NAICCO Cuisine is currently in the last stages of its making, but once ready, it will be a unique food trailer on the scene in Ohio; thus, offering a variety of authentic Native American food. Once launched, NAICCO Cuisine will specialize in offering a one-of-a-kind menu, complete with a variety of traditional and contemporary intertribal Native American favorites. And through a highly experienced background and a strong work ethic, NAICCO Cuisine will deliver a culturally rich, inviting atmosphere in Ohio, while offering exceptional food to its customers.


Notably, NAICCO Cuisine will be more than just an initiative to develop a self-sustaining means for ensuring future, culturally congruent programming at NAICCO, but just as importantly, it will also be a huge foundational step closer to the establishment of a bigger and better NAICCO. Meaning, through all of our mission work and visioning as a community, we have been on a path to purchase and possess a land base of our very own here in Central Ohio. With NAICCO Cuisine launched and in place, we will be just that much closer to achieving this goal!


Markedly, due to the trying times we are all currently experiencing, NAICCO Cuisine had to slow its building process down and reconfigure things; thus, to ultimately provide a safe and preventative environment amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now that all considerations have been taken into account, the NAICCO Cuisine food trailer is officially under construction, and is expected to be completed during August 2020. On that note, please stay tuned for further updates regarding the highly anticipated announcement of NAICCO Cuisine’s grand opening day and location!


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