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NAICCO Cuisine

NAICCO Cuisine is best known for being a Native American owned and operated food trailer based out of Central Ohio. The operation is unique in the fact that it offers a one-of-a-kind menu consisting of exquisite Native American street food—Fry Bread, NDN Taco, NDN Taco Bowl, and Buffalo Burger. Following a successful unveiling amid the pandemic—receiving stellar reviews and features in Ohio-area and Midwest media outlets—NAICCO Cuisine has made an outstanding showing being the first food trailer of its kind in the country. Solidly going into its fourth year, NAICCO Cuisine is again primed and ready to serve up another round of Indigenous goodness in 2024!

Follow NAICCO Cuisine’s 2024 schedule on Street Food Finder

NAICCO Cuisine takes pride in creating opportunities for Native community members to earn extra income and develop future employability skills through hands-on experience and training. The operation not only provides a nurturing atmosphere that fosters community, buy-in, and ownership, but as well, serves as a platform for cultivating traditional Native American values and practices—prayer, respect, compassion, truth, generosity, humility, and wisdom (foundational fabric of Native communities).


When the food trailer is parked for the winter, the NAICCO Cuisine team pivots and brings out an entirely different repertoire of Native American dishes. That is, during the winter months, the NAICCO Cuisine team takes pride in showcasing a variety of intertribal platters, or savory favorites from various parts of Indian Country.


The revenue generated by NAICCO Cuisine helps supplement the important programming at NAICCO, along with helping keep the lights on. NAICCO Cuisine also serves as a means for engaging the general public, thus, to raise awareness, build relationships, and create a real sense of visibility for today’s Native Americans in Ohio. Through Native foods, serving as a warm handshake unto the general public, NAICCO Cuisine is proving to be a heartfelt win for countless people—both Natives and non-Natives alike.


Our team is both humbled and grateful for all the love and support everyone has shown NAICCO Cuisine. We could not have imagined such an awesome experience in our wildest dreams. A huge THANK YOU goes out to each and every one of you for helping us get off to a phenomenal start, and for making NAICCO Cuisine’s first years so successful and memorable!


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Should you have questions about NAICCO Cuisine’s schedule, or anything else related, feel free to contact us via email at

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