Bigger & Better NAICCO Campaign

Native Americans have been a part of this country’s landscape for countless generations. Unfortunately, due to campaigns like the Indian Removal Act (late 18th century extending into the 19th century), Native Americans who once called Ohio home, were forcibly, and completely removed from this part of the country; and so too, was all their land taken. Today’s Native Americans who live in Ohio are a new emergence of Indigenous People. Many have come to this state over the past 70 years through a variation of passages; i.e., Indian Relocation Act, employment opportunities, educational aspirations, military related reasons, marital and relationship motives, along with a variety of other reasons (often associated with seeking better opportunities). In this recent history, Ohio has proven to be a land of promising opportunities for this new emergence of Native Americans. And because of this, many today proudly call The Buckeye State their newfound home. 

Here at the Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio (NAICCO), we, NAICCO leadership, have been working hand-in-hand with our Native American people for nearly 25 years now. In doing so, we have learned that there are certain foundational pieces that are of the utmost importance to our Native People’s lives and wellbeing. The most meaningful area of focus in our mission work, hands down, revolves around the preservation and restoration of our Native American cultures and traditions. As a People and as an agency we are fighting to keep these ways alive, for without them, we lose not only the fabric of who we are, but also the foundation that strengthens all the other important areas of our lives; i.e., identity, family, community, language, education, work, health, etc.


Though we have done great things and formed many wonderful memories together over the years as a community and as a Native American focused agency, we have now reached a point in which we cannot continue to overlook the fact that we are past the point of having outgrown our current-beloved NAICCO building. In response to this predicament, and in the spirit of carrying on our mission work, we have spearheaded a bold campaign to purchase and build a Bigger & Better NAICCO here in Central Ohio. Meaning, having recently purchased our current NAICCO building outright, and having saved all donations and endowment dollars for the past 10 years, NAICCO is currently valued at $400,000+. Our intention is to leverage this dollar amount toward that of establishing a new and improved NAICCO. Our goal is to reach the mark of $700,000. This goal has been determined by NAICCO leadership to be the dollar amount necessary for purchasing an adequate amount of land (minimum of 20 acres) and a Bigger & Better NAICCO community building for our People.


We have moved the needle quite a ways (more than half way) together over the years, but we are still in need of further assistance; thus to accelerate this initiative. Our hope is to make this transition before the end of 2022. This is where you come in. To help us achieve this goal, you can:


1) Donate now by clicking on the “DONATE” button above; which will take you to NAICCO’s secure, easy to follow landing page (The Columbus Foundation)

2) Share the Bigger & Better NAICCO campaign with your family and friends


Only together, will we be able to accomplish this goal and provide the stability needed, deserved, and longed for by our Native American community here in Ohio. To achieve this goal would not only be a dream come true, but also the foundation necessary for writing a new, successful chapter of the highest magnitude in modern-day Native American history. We hope you will join us in authoring this innovative-monumental chapter.


To learn more about NAICCO and the Native Americans who personify our mission work, please explore all the links on this website and visit, like, and follow our Facebook page.


In order to sustain the legacy of our people, it is imperative that we have a space in Ohio that we can call ours… where we can gather and be ourselves; thus, to honor our past, thrive in the present, and walk proudly into the future.



Ty & Masami Smith

NAICCO Leadership

If interested in making a considerably large contribution, or learning more about how to do so, please contact us directly at:

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