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Land Back NAICCO


Marking the beginning of Native American Heritage Month, Land Back NAICCO surpassed the campaign’s original goal of $250,000! To date, Land Back NAICCO has brought in an astonishing $253,765! In celebration of this momentous milestone and to continue advancing Land Back NAICCO forward, a new goal amount of $300,000 has been set for the campaign in 2023. That is, before the year’s end NAICCO is aspiring to hit the mark of $300,000.

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You can be the difference in helping NAICCO keep our Native Peoples’ heritage alive and thriving in Ohio. This Giving Tuesday 2023, join us in our efforts to hit the mark of $300,000 before the year’s end. Make sure to mark your calendars and save the date for Tuesday, November 28th and remember Land Back NAICCO this Giving Tuesday 2023!

Campaign Phases


Having come this far, now surpassing our original goal of $250,000, we are starting to seriously look at properties in the Central Ohio area. We are planning to identify and purchase land for NAICCO Nation in the very foreseeable future—sights set on 2024. Needless to say, your continued support will only strengthen our position to attain the best piece of property possible. Notably, Land Back NAICCO will continue to be advanced through two distinct phases:

PHASE #1 will focus on purchasing the land itself (20 acres or more).

PHASE #2 will focus on the conservation of that land.

What You Can Do


~ Donate land or get someone you know to donate land to NAICCO ~

~ Donate now by clicking on the “DONATE NOW!” button above or below ~

~ Bequeath assets to NAICCO ~

~ Share the Land Back NAICCO campaign with your friends, family, and other interested parties ~

~ Bring awareness to NAICCO and our mission work ~

~ Start a personal Land Back NAICCO fundraiser via Facebook ~

~ Start a personal Land Back NAICCO crowdfunding campaign; i.e., FundRazr, Fundly, GoFundMe, etc. ~

~ Use the hashtag #landbacknaicco in your social media posts ~

~ Tag your friends ~


To ensure the success of writing this new, healing chapter in modern-day Native American history here in Ohio, we ask that you continue to stand with us as we aspire to identify the right piece of land for establishing the foundation of this very important campaign.

If interested in making a significant contribution to Land Back NAICCO, please contact us directly at


To learn more about Land Back NAICCO read the following articles:


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Our Native community here at NAICCO has told us on countless occasions that we need a space in Ohio that we can call ours… where we can gather and be ourselves; thus, to honor our past, thrive in the present, and walk proudly into the future. Needless to say, land will always be an essential piece to sustaining our legacy as Native People…

—Ty & Masami Smith, NAICCO Directors


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