NAICCO Fundraising Campaigns #1 & #2

Campaign #1: “Land Back NAICCO”


At the end of October 2022, the Land Back NAICCO campaign has brought in a total of $159,883! To everyone who has jumped onboard with the Bigger & Better NAICCO vision, we’d like to personally say, “Thank you, for your love, care, and concern.” We know without you we’d never have moved the needle this far. Please continue to stand with us throughout 2022 as we endeavor to reach our goal of $250,000.

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The Bigger & Better NAICCO vision will continue to be advanced through two distinct phases:

  • Phase #1 (Land Back NAICCO) will focus on purchasing land (20 acres or more)

  • Phase #2 will focus on the development of that land

To fulfill Phase #1, NAICCO is seeking to raise $250,000 before the end of 2022! NAICCO leadership has determined this as the amount necessary for purchasing at least 20 acres of land and ensuring that land will be of the highest quality possible – land worth building the future of our Native People upon. Once Phase #1 is complete, we will begin fundraising for Phase #2 in 2023.


To help make this long sought-after dream a reality, please click on the DONATE NOW! button above. Be sure to indicate in the donation details that you’d like your contribution to go towards the Land Back NAICCO campaign. This will ensure that every penny of your investment will go towards the land purchase. If you are interested in making a large contribution or would like to learn more about how to do so, please contact us directly at

Other ways you can get involved:

  • Share the Land Back NAICCO campaign with your friends, family, and other interested parties

  • Start a personal Land Back NAICCO fundraiser via Facebook (

  • Start a personal Land Back NAICCO crowdfunding campaign; i.e., FundRazr, Fundly, GoFundMe, etc.

  • Use the hashtag #landbacknaicco in your social media posts

  • Come out and support NAICCO Cuisine events in 2022

Our Native community here at NAICCO has told us on countless occasions that we need a space in Ohio that we can call ours… where we can gather and be ourselves; thus, to honor our past, thrive in the present, and walk proudly into the future. Needless to say, land will always be an essential piece to sustaining our legacy as Native People…

Thank you for your continued support of this vision!


—Ty & Masami Smith, NAICCO Leadership



Campaign #2: “Sustaining NAICCO’s Mission”


If you are looking for a giving opportunity that will make your dollars count, we invite you to consider donating to NAICCO. Your contribution will be an investment in a truly meaningful cause, impactful programming, sustainability efforts, and a brighter tomorrow for Native American youth and families in Ohio. The short video below provides a glimpse of what NAICCO means to those who inspire our mission.


We hope you will join us in carrying forward this important work of keeping our Native Peoples’ heritage alive and thriving. To do so, please click on the DONATE NOW! button above.


Thank you for helping us establish the foundation for a successful new chapter in Native American history!

—Ty & Masami Smith, NAICCO Management


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