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NAICCO Cuisine's One Year Celebration!!!

Everyone is invited to come and celebrate NAICCO Cuisine’s one year anniversary with us on Indigenous Peoples’ Day! This event is meant to not only commemorate our Native American heritage, but as well, it is meant to acknowledge a significant milestone for both NAICCO and Indian Country.


Following this event, we will be putting the NAICCO Cuisine food trailer away for the winter; thus, to attend to other responsibilities at NAICCO. So don’t miss this opportunity to sink your teeth into some of NAICCO Cuisine’s exquisite Native American street food for the last time in 2021 – next chance won’t be until the spring of 2022.

Menu: Fry Bread, NDN Taco, NDN Taco Bowl, NAICCO Pocket, and Buffalo Burger


Date: October 11, 2021 (Monday)

Time: 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Location: 67 East Innis Avenue, Columbus, OH 43207

Look for the tribal flags flying high to locate NAICCO Cuisine.

#naicco #naiccocuisine

(Video courtesy of Chance Running Horse)

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