NAICCO Cuisine 2021/2022 Plans

Following a successful unveiling amid the pandemic, receiving a stellar review by Columbus Alive (fall 2020), getting local coverage from NBC4 (fall 2020), being featured by 614NOW (winter 2021), receiving high marks from Columbus Underground (spring 2021), getting exposure from Columbus Navigator (summer 2021), winning the Whitehall Food Truck & Fun Fest Runner-Up Foodie Food Truck Award (summer 2021), and getting featured in Stock & Barrel: Fall 2021 (fall 2021), NAICCO Cuisine undoubtedly had a superb first year! Our team is both humbled and grateful for all that has transpired in our first year out. We could not have imagined such an experience in our wildest dreams. Thank you, to each and every one of you out there who made NAICCO Cuisine’s first year truly memorable!


Now that the season is over, and due to other responsibilities within NAICCO, we will be putting the NAICCO Cuisine food trailer away for the winter. When we come back on the scene in 2022, you can be certain that we will be primed and ready to continue sharing our exquisite Native American street food here in Central Ohio and beyond. Keep an eye out for next year’s schedule on Street Food Finder, which will be coming out in the spring of 2022.

In the meantime, know that all hope is not lost, for we will be providing more of our unique Native American platters again this coming winter. Stay tuned for those announcements to start coming out sometime in December 2021. At that time, we will be sure to share all relevant details via this website and NAICCO’s social media platforms.


NAICCO Cuisine 2022 Schedule: Street Food Finder - NAICCO Cuisine

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614NOW: "Nonprofit showcases intertribal cuisine in monthly platters"

Columbus Underground: "Short Order: NAICCO Cuisine"

Columbus Navigator: "NAICCO Is Serving Up Native American Street Food To Columbus"

Stock & Barrel: Fall 2021 (614 Media Group): "Rich Recipes"

Should you have any questions about NAICCO Cuisine’s schedule, scheduling NAICCO Cuisine, or anything else related, please feel free to contact us via email:


To taste a bit of Indian Country, and experience a culturally rich and inviting atmosphere, while simultaneously supporting an honorable cause, come and experience the exquisiteness and positive vibe that NAICCO Cuisine proudly offers.

"I can honestly say that your team was the most polite food truck we've had yet."

"Highly recommend the taco!! The food is delicious!"

"My family had food from you & it was DELICIOUS! I was super impressed by your truck! It's beautiful & SPOTLESS inside! I've never seen a mobile food vendor that CLEAN! You set the bar very high in my humble opinion & I don't think I can confidently eat from another one ever again. Love your food & your community initiatives."

"I had the pocket yesterday and it was fantastic!"

"The taco was the best food I ate at the festival. I went back for seconds."

"It was so delicious!! I can't wait to get it again!"

"Food was delicious. Keep representing NDN country. Congratulations!!!"

"Thank you for bringing such delicious food to the city!"

"It was really good fry bread, the best I've had in Ohio!!"

"Such great food! I understand the road trip!"

"Good Food, Good People, Highly Recommended."

"It was delicious!! You guys rock!"

"I had a great time... food was great... I will be back very soon."

"Smoked Salmon (THIS IS ON POINT. The smoked part is VERY legit)"

"Outstanding as usual!!!"

"You guys did great! Food is excellent!! Thank you!"

"Fantastically DELICIOUS!!"

"Everything was SO good!"

"Another win! Food was amazing, and the Cholula was a perfect touch."

"This was literally the best meal I've had in almost 2 years."

"The food was amazing as always. Especially the ribs."

"The meals were amazing, a few of the ribs didn't make it on the ride home."

"Amazing!! Once again!!"

"Omg it was amazing!!!"

"This was fantastic. The buffalo was smoky and delicious."

"You guys ROCK!!!"

"The salmon was sooooo good. Everything was just perfect!"

"Loved EVERY morsel of everything!!"

"You guys knocked it out of the park with the salmon, absolutely amazing!"

"It was DELISH!!"

"Best smoked salmon ever!"

"We rode in from NW Ohio to try out your delicious food. Well worth the ride!"

"My Indian taco bowl was delicious - thanks!"

"That platter was amazing. All of it."

"I could barely wait to get home to tear into today's platter."

"It was all so good! Worth the drive up from Cincinnati."

"Sooooo tasty!"

"It was so good! That smoked buffalo was amazing."

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