Final Day to Contribute to the NAICCO Building Fundraising Campaign!

Yes, today is Giving Tuesday!  This is the final day of the Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio (NAICCO) building fundraising campaign!


NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL OF US TO COME TOGETHER TO RAISE THE $7,750.00 NEEDED TO PAY OFF THE NAICCO BUILDING.  To accomplish this will ultimately be a dream come true for many.  More so, by securing the NAICCO building, numerous Native American youth and families in Ohio will confidently have a place to call their own – something that hasn’t existed in Ohio for generations. 


Here’s a glance at some of NAICCO’s community members:


Today is the final day of this fundraising campaign.  We’ve got just hours ahead of us to make this long sought-after dream come true.  So, let us come together in this final hour to secure NAICCO as a home for those individuals and families who it matters to the most!


Masami Smith

NAICCO Executive Director

Prayer Song - Lakota
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P.O. Box 7705

Columbus, OH 43207

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