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Bigger & Better NAICCO Campaign - Milestone Achievement

After closing the books for 2020 we are pleased to announce that the Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio (NAICCO) is now valued just above $400K!!! This is a huge step forward for all of us here at NAICCO! To put this into perspective, going into 2020 NAICCO was valued well under $350K. Together, in one year, we increased the value of NAICCO by more than $50K!!! Needless to say, this is a significant achievement! We did this together through donations, endowments, fundraisers, and honorariums. Together, we all helped move NAICCO that much closer to realizing the dream of a Bigger & Better NAICCO – new and improved NAICCO, inclusive of land and a larger community building. From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to take this time to send an enormous “THANK YOU” out to all of you who helped move the needle as much as you did in 2020.







We are more than half way there now, yet we still have a ways to go before reaching the mark of $700K. To continue helping us write this new, successful chapter in modern-day Native American history, continue to follow the Bigger & Better NAICCO campaign on NAICCO’s social media platforms throughout 2021. There you will find campaign announcements and updates. As well, continue to share the Bigger & Better NAICCO campaign with your family and friends. Again, thank you all for your love and support!


If you’d like to support the Bigger & Better NAICCO campaign at this time, please click on the link below.



Ty & Masami Smith

NAICCO Leadership

Bigger & Better NAICCO Campaign Donation Link:

Bigger & Better NAICCO Campaign - Milest
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