NAICCO Cuisine April 2021 Platter:
“Longhouse Platter”

NAICCO Cuisine Longhouse Platter Special Officially Closed!!!


The Longhouse Platter pulled in 150+ platter sales in less than 12 hours! We chose to keep the platter announcement out there over the weekend, thus to allow others the opportunity to get their orders in for this month’s special. As of today, we’ve taken in just a bit over 200 orders. At this point, we have no choice but to close this month’s NAICCO Cuisine platter special; as we are very much at maximum capacity.

Selling this many platters in such a short amount of time is both humbling and exhilarating. Simultaneously, it is bitter-sweet, for it forces us to put a cutoff point in place and discontinue taking orders; which leaves some missing out. For those of you who were unable to get your orders in this time around, please don’t lose hope. Meaning, next month we will be sharing the reopening date and location of NAICCO Cuisine’s Native American street food trailer. Stay tuned…

For those who came out for this month’s platter, we wish to say “Thank You” for your overall support and consideration, and to get ready for some delicious food on Saturday, April 17, 2021. See you then…




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