One of our primary focuses is to foster healing...

Selma Sully-Walker

NAICCO was originally founded in 1975 by Selma Sully-Walker (Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota). For over 18 years she served as the Director of NAICCO. Notably, her example of dedication, compassion, and service over those years helped shape and prepare the way for a new generation of leadership among the American Indian and Alaska Native community here in Ohio.

Agency Overview

Promote and strengthen both the American Indian and Alaska Native community and NAICCO in the areas of: Social Development, Economic Development, and Cultural Preservation.

Meaningful Words from NAICCO Community Members

"When I'm here with my own people I really feel at home."

"The Indian Center makes us all feel like we truly matter... especially the youth and elders." 

"If it weren't for the Indian Center, I don't know where I'd be in my life..." 

"NAICCO is an amazing foundation that has revitalized the Native community in Ohio tremendously!"

"I'm starting to feel more grounded, like I have roots... You know, the Center is really helping me with that."

Ceremony Song - Lakota
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